Direct Care Dermatology Map

Our Direct Care Dermatology Map is a comprehensive directory of physician-owned dermatology practices that offer direct care services to patients. We're proud to connect patients with high-quality, transparently priced dermatology services in their local area, and our map is the perfect tool to help them find the care they need.


Our map is easy to use and provides patients with up-to-date information about dermatology practices in their area, including their location, contact details, and other important information. We regularly update our map to ensure that all of the information is accurate and current, so patients can trust that they're getting the most reliable information possible.


For dermatology practices, being listed on our map is an excellent way to connect with new patients and expand their reach in the local community. By joining our directory, practices gain exposure to a wider audience of potential patients who are actively seeking direct care dermatology services in their area.

What is Direct Care Dermatology?

Direct Care Dermatology is a new approach to traditional dermatology that emphasizes personalized care, shorter wait times, and lower costs. Unlike traditional dermatology practices, most Direct Care Dermatology practices do not accept insurance, allowing patients to have more control over their care and expenses. Direct Care Dermatology practices often have shorter wait times and more personalized care. This approach is quickly becoming more popular in dermatology and is proving beneficial for patients.

About this Map

Our Direct Care Dermatology Map is an easy-to-use resource for patients seeking direct care dermatology practices across the United States. The map allows patients to quickly find a nearby dermatology practice that fits their needs, without the hassle of navigating complicated insurance networks.

Using our map, patients can easily search for dermatology practices in their area, read reviews from other patients, and learn about each practice's services. With our map, you can make an informed decision about the best dermatology practice for you.

Add Your Practice

If you're a dermatology practice that provides direct care and wants to be included on our map, we'd be happy to help connect you with patients seeking your services. Please keep in mind that we only accept submissions from physician-owned practices with transparent pricing online and don't allow private equity-owned practices.

To add your practice to our directory, simply create an account and complete our online submission form. You'll need to provide information such as your practice's address, phone number, website, and other relevant details. Once we receive your submission, we'll verify the accuracy of the information provided and add your practice to our map.

By adding your practice to our map, you'll gain exposure to a wide range of potential patients seeking direct care dermatology services in your area.

Ready to add your practice to our map? Create your account today.

Thank you for using our Direct Care Dermatology Map. We are dedicated to connecting patients with the best direct care dermatology practices across the country.

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